Where did the time go?!

It has been a long time since I last wrote and so much has happened! 

The last time I wrote I was in a taxi with our then 2 month old daughter, with Jamie following in a second taxi, heading to the Singapore airport, moving to Geneva. 

Well, we are here in Geneva now and have been since June or so. We’ve done 2 other international moves in the last several years and none were as tough as this one. Well for one, we’ve never moved with a baby and second, we’ve never received our pets right away. Loved that Barney got there when we did, but since we were in a hotel and not familiar with the area yet, it was hard to get acclimated. For all of us. Barney was really out of sorts the first couple of months we moved here. He’s older, 13 years, and not being settled was pretty hard on him. Now, add having a 2 month old, in a country where I only speak a little of the language. I was also really missing Singapore with everything I had.  Missed our life there, our friends, our apartment, everything.  It was a rough few months.

There were some nice moments in those first few months, though!  My mom and nephew came to visit for a week! They actually went to London, Paris and then ended here. We had a really nice time – went to Gruyères, Switzerland (yes, where the cheese is from) and the Maison Callier chocolate factory! It’s the original chocolate factory that invented milk chocolate. It’s now owned by Nestle, but still in the original location. 

Then we FINALLY moved into our permanent home first of September! We moved to a little village just outside of Geneva, only about 3km. Geneva is basically the “city” and it’s surrounded by little, old villages. That’s where we live. And the countryside is just next to us. You get to the country very quickly in Geneva. Nice place to run and walk with the baby and dog (the dog doesn’t run, let’s be honest haha!).

It’s really beautiful – lots of flower fields, animal pastures, vineyards. Our village is right on the border of Switzerland and France, so I actually drive into France to get particular groceries – mostly baby stuff because they have the best selection. 

We are so happy in where we chose to live. It’s comfortable, quiet, has a nice garden, and the neighborhood and village are lovely and walkable. I also have a long-time friend who we’ve known from Houston who lives right down the street! We have spent so much time together and she has really been a blessing to me since we’ve been here. She’s really helped me with literally everything. Very grateful. 

Look how happy he is to have his own garden 🙂

Right after we moved in, Jamie’s mom came to stay with us. Things were a bit hectic because of the move, but we had a nice time and went to Interlaken, Switzerland for the weekend. Interlaken is beautiful and has a peak that is the highest point in Europe, called Jungfrau. We weren’t able to go to the top because we had the baby, but you can go up there!  We also took a drive around and saw some waterfalls, stopped and had lunch at a lovely little hotel with a view of the mountains. We also rode the train to Lucerne, Switzerland one day. Just made a day trip out of it. Taking the train here is a really nice way to see the countryside. 

Then in October, Jamie’s dad and step-mom came to visit a long with a few of their friends. They did the same kind of trip my mom did where they also went to London and Paris. We also took them to Gruyères and Maison Callier and then we met them in London later in the week. We all went to the Texans/Jaguars NFL game there! Our baby went, too, and we got her little headphones to help with the noise. I’d say they were worth the money because she slept almost the entire game! We left in the 3rd quarter, but it was definitely a success! 

Other places we have visited since we’ve moved here are London, Paris, Chamonix, France (where the mountain Mont Blanc is), and Megève, France (shares a mountain with Chamonix). 

Chamonix, France
Megeve, France
Buckingham Palace

We went back at Thanksgiving for both my cousin’s wedding and a Disney Cruise we took with my family out of Galveston. It was a cruise of the Caribbean and it was really fun! LOTS going on on a Disney cruise, haha, but we had a great time!  Our daughter met a lot of the characters and got their autographs, played on the beach at Disney’s Castaway Cay island, and spent some quality time with family. 

At Christmas, Jamie’s mom came back along with his step-dad and our friend, Chris to spend the holidays with us.  It was so nice being able to spend Christmas with family in our own house.  We have traveled at Christmas time for the last 5 years, so it was nice to have a slower pace.  We also went to Paris for the weekend right before NYE!  I would say, unless it’s your plan to be there NYE, Christmas time/NYE is a bit of a hectic time to be in Paris.  It’s very crowded.  But, it’s also very beautiful at Christmas time!  The trees along the Champs Elysees were all lit up, Galeries Lafayette had a huge, gorgeous Christmas Tree, it was just really festive!  We had tea at The Ritz, because I’ve always wanted to, and walked around and looked at the storefront windows.  We also got into the coveted Da Vinci exhibit at The Louvre!  Don’t ask me how I got last minute tickets for 6, but I did!  Highly recommend!  If you’re going to Paris before March, go on their website every day and check for tickets.  That’s what I did and one day they just came up available!  You have to be flexible with your date and time, but it’s worth it.  Really, really good.

Since the holidays, we have just been getting back into a routine.  Or not really “back” into one, but beginning one, rather.  I joined a women’s running group which has really saved me.  I really needed to be amongst other people and have some “me-time”.  I’ve also got a few friends here, so we have started meeting for “girls’ dinner nights”.  Had one this week and it was fun!  So I would say, things are starting to feel normal haha!  Everyone is doing really well and that’s all we can ask for.

Tomorrow we are heading back to Singapore to visit!  I still miss it, but not in a depressed way anymore.  It is a nice memory and a wonderful place to visit and see friends.  It was where our precious daughter was born.  I will always love Singapore for that and many reasons.  So we are going back for a visit!  Soon after we get home, my mom comes to Geneva to visit!  Lots to look forward to!  I will be much better about posting from now on, I promise!  Stay tuned!