Rainy versus Dry Seasons…

One thing you should know before planning a trip to anywhere in Africa, is that there is a rainy season and there is a dry season.  Don’t worry about hot or cold seasons, it’s Africa, it’s always hot.

But every day is beautiful in Africa.  It’s like God positioned the sun during the day to shine at its best on top of Africa.

You think you have missed the sun one day from doing some inside activity or worse, being at your job, but then you wake up the next morning and the African sun is shining just as beautifully today as it did yesterday!


What you’ll experience in the dry season, June to October:

  1. ZERO water flowing from Victoria Falls.  I mean, none.  Not a drop.
  2. A haziness to the sky all the time from the dust.  We went to Lake Malawi in October, nicknamed the “Lake of Stars” and maybe saw 2 stars.  It was so hazy.  Even in Joburg it’s hazy during the dry season.  You can tell looking out the window when you land at the airport – any airport.
  3. Really dry conditions every where you go.  It doesn’t look as nice.
  4. A positive: the vegetation isn’t as lush so when you are on safari the animals are a lot more visible!  They don’t have shrubs and trees to hide in.

What you’ll experience during the rainy season, November to April:

  1. Victoria Falls like you have seen on Planet Earth!  Gushing waterfall in all it’s beautifulness!
  2. Clear skies!  Stars for days and days!
  3. Lush vegetation and hectares and hectares of sunflower fields and other plants.
  4. Rain that only last for a short while in the afternoon then the sky goes back to being beautiful again!
  5. Rain storms that will blow. your. mind.  Thunder and lightning so loud it will startle you, but also sounds so soothing.  Check out the lightning shows when it does this!