Monkey Tips 101

I have updated this bit to focus on all monkeys and not just baboons.  Below is still my original post about baboons, which I will leave as is, but I am going to continue to add “do’s and don’ts” about monkeys in general because I cannot seem to get away from them!

  1. Monkeys in all varieties are common in Asia and I have see several of them already – in Singapore, Thailand and Bali, Indonesia – mainly because those are the 3 places I have been/lived so far over here.  As with any monkey, it seems, they want your food.  Not a good idea to give it to them or make it accessible to them.  I learned the hard way in Bali when a monkey and I raced to my sliding glass door of the hotel room I was in.  I left it open like a dumb-dumb and he wanted the fruit on the table.  I won, but it was close!  Tip** keep your doors and windows closed and locked when in Asia or you will have visitors.


I said I would give you a tip about baboons, so here goes:  leave them alone!  Haha!  It really is that simple. They will annoy you, steal from you, sit on your car, but hey, that’s just who they are!  And anywhere you go in Africa, there will be baboons, and lots of them.  It’s rare that a baboon is just off on his own.  Living in the city of Johannesburg there aren’t any around me, but if I go out of the city just 10-20 km, they are there.  It’s the countryside, so why wouldn’t they be?  Ok here is a list of “dos and don’ts” when you encounter baboons:

  1. DON’T carry any food or drinks in your hands.  They will steal it and run off with it.  And human food isn’t good for animals, let’s be real.
  2. DO ignore them.  They don’t care about you!  Just leave them alone and they’ll leave you alone.

    Do as I say, not as I do...I got WAY to close to this lady and she told me!

    Do as I say, not as I do…I got WAY to close to this lady and she told me!

  3. DON’T get super close to get a selfie.  I learned this first hand in Zambia – she barked at me and told me to GET AWAY!
  4. DO keep your purse/bag/backpack attached to your body at all times.  They will steal it, empty it and leave the mess for you to clean up.
  5. DO keep windows and doors locked.  If you’re at a lodge or anywhere that has baboons close by on the reg, just trust me on this one.  They have opposable thumbs!  My father in law left their tent door unlocked all night in Botswana.  Luckily nothing happened, but I think my mother in law would have been on the first flight back to Texas if something had!

I think that sums it up.  As with any wild animal you see in Africa, leave them ALONE!  They don’t come to your house and start messing with you….wait….they do that….nevermind.  Just ignore them, OK! 🙂