The ants!

Guys…the ants here…I seriously don’t know what to do.  You spray, they are still here.  You place ant bait out everywhere, they are still here.  You call an exterminator…well I don’t know, I am in the process of that.  I am about to burn the house down, I think (just kidding, I would never, but I’ve had the thoughts!)

Where we live they are just after the pet food and whatever is on the counter.  Seriously, we ate dinner the other night and I took the plates to the kitchen after.  I just set them on the counter and was going to go back and clean after we watched Madam Secretary.  Side note:  exceptional show, you should watch it – Season one is on Netflix, Season two is on CBS now.  Anyway – after the show was over, so 30-40 min later, I go into the kitchen, ANTS EVERYWHERE!  All over the plates, all over the counter, it was GROSS!

YESTERDAY…woke up early to gym.  Go into the hall bathroom where we keep the cat stuff (litter box house thing, cat food, etc).  The ants were coming out of a HOLE IN THE TILED SHOWER WALL, down to the cat’s food!  I mean, what in the world!!  Then I go in the kitchen where the dog’s food is…ANTS!  I kid you not.  I nearly lost my mind.  Plus, it was 6 am and I was yelling at Jamie “GET UP! WE GOT ANTS!”  When I get frustrated and yell my East Texas accent comes out…Sorry, my love, I know that wasn’t a good way to be woken up 🙂

There are ants everywhere in South Africa in all different forms.  I’ve reached out to an exterminator, so if that works, I’ll let you know and who it is in case you need it!  If you live here, you need it.

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