Star Wars 10K Singapore

So I am a little behind on posting this.  I was just restructuring my website to make it easier to navigate and remembered I made a page for the runs and races we do.  There was only one on there from what feels like 100 years ago in Johannesburg.  Being in Singapore we have really gotten back into running.  We live on Marina Bay and can run around it for as far as we can go.  It is really nice, have that nice ocean breeze and makes for nice scenery.  I don’t run with music all the time so the scenery is what helps me.

In May we ran a Star Wars themed 10K and it was really fun!  It was also in Marina Bay right across the street from our apartment, so was kind of a no brainer.  They had all the characters out – Chewy and Kylo Ren were at the start line, some Storm Troopers and Imperial Army Troopers out along the course.  You got to choose if you wanted to run on the Light Side or the Dark Side.  We chose the Dark Side, so Kylo Ren was our “leader” haha!

This was during Star Wars weekend (around May 4th…”may the 4th be with you”…get it?…), and was through the Gardens by the Bay.  They had the Gardens all lit up for Star Wars weekend and the Super Trees had lights shooting out of the top to look like light sabers!  It was really cool.  They also do a “Garden Rhapsody” and the Super Trees light up and “dance” to whatever song they are playing.  This weekend was a Star Wars Melody.  It was really good.

I’ll try and remember to post more of the races we do.  They are usually really interesting and I try to find ones that run through places I have never been or seen.