So there’s this bird here…

called a Hadada (pronounced hah-dee-dah).

Imagine the sound of a kazoo.  Plug that sound into an amplifier.  Set the time for somewhere between 5-5:30 am while you’re comfortable in your bed.  Now blast that amplifier playing the kazoo sound.  You have yourself a hadada.  I think these guys sit around and say to each other “See that window there?  I bet that’s a bedroom window and someone is in there sleeping.  Let’s go sit in front of it and scream”.  Your first experience with a hadada will scare the be-geez out of you!

They are a type of ibis here in South Africa and are in the backyard, in the front yard, in the tree by your bedroom, flying over your house…at any given time of the day.  I am pretty sure these are modern day pterodactyls.  I think I even saw them on the most recent installment of Jurassic Park.  (Yep, I’m standing by that).  IMG_2848Here is my cat, Oliver, staring at one through the window.  He’s old, OK,  couch sittin’ and window watchin’ is just fine for him!

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  1. Gran says:

    The hadada would drive one crazy, wouldn’t it> I guess you can get used to most anything, but a sound like that can’t be nice, regardless of how often you hear it.

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