Piedmont Region of Italy: Relais San Maurizio

The borders finally opened on 15 June, so we were free to travel now (within the Schengen Area, anyway). We took a drive to the Piedmont region of Italy, which is a lovely wine region. We stayed at a hotel that was once a monastery called Relais San Maurizio. It was really beautiful.

 Our room was a garden room, which had a little private garden. That was nice because we brought Barney with us. The privacy was just a little “fence” of hedges, so at one point he squeezed through. Haha! That said, he’s not much of an adventurous spirit, so it wasn’t a common problem, but when I went to find him, he was just walking around the common space, about to enter the reception area! Lol!  That hotel was super dog friendly, so it was a nonissue.  

I’ve only realized now that I forgot to take pictures of our actual room, but I’ll put a link to the hotel so you can tour for yourself. Here you go! https://en.relaissanmaurizio.it/   We stayed in the “Monastery Suites”. 

The first leg of the road trip could have been better – haha!  It was fine, but we had to run a couple errands before we left so it took us a while to get out of Geneva. With a 14 month old and an elderly dog, that wasn’t a good idea. They got a little restless. And so did we. 

They look fine here, but this was just the beginning haha!

When we arrived, we walked over to the terrace of the bar, which was just a few steps away from our room. Had some wine, then at that point Charlotte was getting a little tired. So she went to bed and we ordered room service! 

Day 2, we got up and went to the pool!  It was on top of the hill where the hotel was situated and had an amazing view! 

 Everywhere you looked were vineyards. It was so pretty and the weather was stunning.  

Afterwards we went on a walk and then sat down for lunch, where Charlotte inhaled the beef ravioli we were supposed to share!  Should have ordered two! Lol! And Barney got so comfortable, he started to follow the waiter back to the kitchen! Haha! Very exciting lunch 🙂

They had a baby sitting service, so we put Charlotte and Barney down for bed that evening before the babysitter arrived and Jamie and I had a date night!  The hotel had a 1 Michelin Starred restaurant and the food was divine!  Apparently I sucked at taking pictures this trip, so I don’t have any of the food, but here is a link to the restaurant, Guido da Costigliole. And here was the view from the restaurant. 🙂

The drive home the next day was a lot better! Haha! We only had to make one pit stop. 

Thinking of making a drive to Lake Como, Italy in a couple of weeks, so stay tuned for that post if we can make it work!  Stay well!