IMG_3635Yesterday morning, Jamie and I ran in a Parkrun near our house.  Parkruns are organized runs throughout the city where you can go and just run with other people.  And it’s free!  They are all over the globe, but I noticed they aren’t in many states in the U.S.  Someone should try to organize them in Texas, for sure.  They also give you a barcode where they will time your run for you and send your results via email.  There were over 700 people at this one yesterday and there were several other Parkruns going on at the same time throughout the city!

IMG_3637It was really good and felt like a race, so we had a lot more momentum and camaraderie to help us finish.  We are going to try to do these every weekend we are home.  We did a 5K, but each Parkrun is a different length – varies from 5Ks up to 30Ks here in and around Johannesburg.  It was also nice to do the Parkrun because it was outside.  South Africa is so beautiful, but I don’t feel safe enough to just go running by myself around town.  We are planning to move to a more secure neighborhood, so hopefully that will change soon.


Great pic?

It inspired us to create a running challenge with our family.  We have done these in the past because they help motivate everyone to get out there and exercise.  We use the Nike Plus app, but there are several apps you can use to help get you out there running.

Happy running everyone!