Once in a Lifetime Disney Experience!!

This story begins with Jamie knowing a guy who knows a guy.  Both of which we couldn’t thank enough for setting us up with this awesome experience.  OK are you ready?  The day started in Club 33…that’s right, you read that right!!

Club 33 is an exclusive club, created by Walt in the 1960’s.  He wanted a VIP lounge space and experience for the investors of Disneyland California.  Club 33 was designed to be mysterious, and still is.  The original one is in Disneyland California and the only other 2 are in Tokyo and Shanghai.  The entrances to the clubs are inside the park and hidden from the untrained eye.  But we got in!

The guy Jamie knows in Shanghai has a friend who is a member of the club there and got us VIP tickets for a second visit to the park!  It was totally unexpected.  We met the guy outside the park then he escorted us into Club 33, which was just off Mickey Avenue (Disneyland’s Main Street).  If it was a snake it would have bitten me.  We took a picture with the club member and got free FastPasses to all the rides in the park for the day!  We had to show the above picture with every FastPass to show we were legit.  We also got to have dinner there that night and watch the fireworks show from their balcony!  It was amazing.

Disney does such a good job of disguising Club 33 in their parks.  Once I knew where the entrance was, I looked all around to see where on earth they could possible have a balcony from which to watch the fireworks.  I couldn’t for the life of me figure it out.  That night after the fireworks, we of course now knew where it was.  When we were leaving, Jamie wanted to take a picture of it from the ground up.  What they’ve done is, if you are looking straight up from in front of the storefront facade, you can’t see the balcony.  You wouldn’t even be able to tell if there were people on it.  So Jamie stepped out further to get a wider angle shot.  Well when you do that, trees are strategically placed in front of that storefront to where you can’t even see anything.  So if you are a regular park goer watching the fireworks and turned around, there is no way you would even know there was people above you watching the fireworks from a balcony.  It was that hidden.  Here is the picture Jamie got, which literally shows nothing.  The balcony is behind the trees on the far right of the picture, where you can see something red in the storefront.

Here are pictures of the inside of Club 33.  It is mainly a restaurant space, but so lovely.

This was a once in a lifetime experience for us.  The membership fees for this exclusive club are so astronomical it will never be a reality for us.  I am still pinching myself.  We were so fortunate to be able to do this and will be forever grateful.