Neighborgoods Market – JHB


Neighborhoods Market is a spot tucked away in an alley warehouse in downtown Joburg that has tons of local vendors.  It really is super cool!  There are food vendors, merchandise vendors, a bar and live music!  It is a great place to take our family when they visit to see the Joburg culture.  We took Jamie’s family here when they came last September as well as my mom and aunt when they were here last week.


Bobby and I got fudge and a piece of cake!  We are the sweet eaters in the family 🙂  And yes, that is a soy sauce stain on my white shirt.  NBD.

Neighborgoods with Schultz


When my mom and aunt were here we got cupcakes in jars, churros, coconuts with some concoction in them, and souvenirs!

Jamie and I went to Neighborgoods when we first moved here and pretty much ate everything in sight.

If you are in the Joburg area, I would definitely check this out.  It is on Saturdays and Sundays from 10-3.  Parking is scary and the area is scary, but it’s not too bad.  Don’t wear any fancy jewelry and wear a purse that is close to your body.  My recommendation is to go with a local!