Lake Como

Over the weekend, we took a drive to Lake Como!  We have been wanting to go there and now that the borders are open and hotels/restaurants are reopening, we thought it the perfect opportunity.  It’s about a 4.5 hour drive from our house (really 5 or so, with a 15 month old and elderly dog).

I will start by saying, it was one of the most wonderful and enjoyable holidays we have ever been on, and one of the nicest locations we have ever been!  We had such a great time, I hope I can translate that in this blog 🙂

We stayed at the Grand Hotel Tremezzo, right on the lake.  They had a floating pool on the lake and man-made beach!  It was fabulous. 

Grand Hotel Tremezzo

Because of Covid and Italy getting hit pretty hard, a lot of places were still closed and boarded up.  It was actually kind of eery.  Our hotel was only running at 30% capacity, as well.  They gave us a discounted rate on a lake view room, and then when we arrived they upgraded us.  There was virtually no one there.  One of the hotel staff we chat to said usually Lake Como is packed.  There was street parking outside our hotel and he said usually you can’t find a parking spot.  There were only 2 cars there all weekend.  We swam at the pool one morning and were the only ones, not only in the pool, but in the beach area.

The hotel room was amazing and had a private balcony.  They provided Charlotte with baby toiletries, a robe and slippers!  Adorable!  This kid loves to stay in a hotel!  She loves the cots they provide and plays and plays.  And Barney was given a little bed (more like a chair for him) and bone shapes bowls.  🙂

When we arrived on Friday, we had dinner at the wine bar in the hotel.  The food was amazing, as you would expect in Italy and the view overlooked the lake. 

The next morning, the weather was beautiful and we couldn’t wait to get down to that beach!  But first, we had a lovely breakfast on the terrace of their main restaurant.  Charlotte ate an entire bowl of strawberries and then some!   She ate well on this trip, for sure!  We all did.

Right when we got to the beach, Charlotte took a nap!  Yay!  So Jamie and I relaxed, as well, before going over to the beachside restaurant.  They had an open air grill and we had some grilled prawns and Caprese salad with the most delicious tomatoes!  Not the first time I have raved about summertime, European tomatoes.  If you’re over here in the summer, eat as many as you can get!  They are divine.

Later that afternoon Jamie and I got alternating massages while Charlotte took a second nap!  The spa there was one of the best we’ve been to.  We both thought the massage was excellent, as well as the overall experience.  When Charlotte woke from her nap, Jamie had her in this cute robe!  So cute!  🙂

Charlotte, stop feeding Barney snacks…

We got dressed up to go to the nicer restaurant for dinner, but not before having drinks on the terrace!  Everything was so pleasant – lovely weather, pianist playing nearby, great cocktails. 

Then we moved to our dinner reservation and that’s where things went south…Charlotte had a meltdown.  So, the restaurant let us go back to the room, put Charlotte down (which is what was needed), and served us what we ordered in our room, including the bottle of wine we ordered!  It wasn’t so bad.  We ate our dinner then had our bottle of wine on our private balcony while Charlotte slept.  The balcony was pretty small, just enough room for 2 small folding chairs and 2 people.  Barney decided he needed to occupy the same space as us, so he squeezed himself underneath Jamie’s feet while we were out there!  Haha!  Not surprising, though.  That dog sticks to us like velcro.  We love him 🙂

The next morning we got up, had that wonderful breakfast again, and then went for a boat ride! 

The hotel had one of those Venetian style taxi boats and our driver was so great. All along the lake are the massive villas. He told us all about most of them: when they were built, who owned them, etc. Some of the ones we saw were the villa where a scene from Star Wars Episode 2 was filmed (where Padmé and Anakin were married) as well as George and Amal Clooney’s house!  I love Amal Clooney and everything that she is (beautiful, intellectual, humanitarian, all the things!), so this was a real treat for me!  And he said the people of Lake Como love the Clooneys as they are very generous in donating to the schools, kind when they are out and meet people, etc. 

George and Amal Clooney's house :)
George and Amal Clooney’s house 🙂
Villa from scene in Star Wars Episode 2. Padmé and Anakin got married along that fence, under that tree.
Our hotel in the background
A river runs through a little village and empties into the lake like a waterfall.
Charlotte enjoyed it, too!  So much so that she took a nap halfway through it! Haha!

Afterwards, we had lunch at the pizzeria at the hotel by one of the pools, took a nap, then took a ferry across the lake to the village of Bellagio!  It looked like a place that in any other year would be bustling, but was very quiet while we were there.  We walked around the lake a little then walked to a restaurant the hotel recommended for dinner.  It was great – casual, right on the lake and delicious Italian food and wine (as one would expect!).  Charlotte got some ravioli (her absolute favorite!) and Jamie and I shared a nice bottle of wine from Tuscany with our meal!

Pizza at the hotel for lunch!
Bellagio, Italy. Even though there are people you can see, it was still very quiet. Apparently this place is usually packed in the summer.
Happy as can be with an empty Gatorade bottle haha!
Very serious face for some reason, lol…but she loved the ravioli!
Arrivederci, Bellagio!

The next morning was our check out day, but we went for a quick dip in the pool that was floating on the lake first!  We were the only ones at the beach area and in the pool, so it was really nice.  Charlotte enjoys the pool.  Jamie held her while she kicked her little legs and swam around!  Adorable!  

Then it was time to head home!  Both Charlotte and Barney crashed as soon as we got into the car! 

This was one of the best holidays we have done!  We loved it so much and such an enjoyable time.  Lake Como is truly beautiful 🙂  Hopefully we will get another trip planned soon, so stay tuned and stay well!