Another thing we did during quarantine is going on hikes here in Switzerland! We bought a baby carrier for Charlotte so we (Jamie :)) could carry her around easily on the rougher terrain. The places we went were about an hour away from where we live.

Jamie found this link that talks about the hiking trails in the area and rates them for difficulty. From this list, we did the “Path of the Narcissi” and saw all the wildflowers. It was a really nice hike and the village of Les Avants (where you start) was super cute. The view from the hike up the mountain was of Lake Geneva and the town of Montreux.

Village of Les Avants where you start the hike Path of the Narcissi
Lake Geneva behind us

This trail kind of went in a circle. First you walk straight up, and I mean, straight up. Luckily the trail makes a zig-zag pattern going up, which eased the incline a bit, but still. Dang. Once we got to the “top”, it was very forested and beautiful.

This is the incline of the hill we climbed. I am taking this picture perfectly straight. And there were cows on it!
She kept poking him, pulling his ear and “dancing”, which was making the carrier shake haha!

We stopped at the top in a nice, cool spot that had a view of the lake and Montreux to have a picnic lunch.

Lake Geneva and Montreux below

The entire hike was about 6 km and took about 3 hours, including the stop for lunch. It was sunny, but kind of cool and the cows and other farm animals wear cowbells. Very Swiss. So you could hear their dinging in the distance almost the entire hike. Here, we came up to some cows.

During the early summer, the wildflowers are blooming and we caught them right at the end of their bloom.

We have found hiking together to be really enjoyable! It’s a nice way to get out of the house and do something together.

We also went on another path the weekend before this one, but I honestly couldn’t tell you where it was. The road to where we wanted to go hiking was closed because I think the path might have crossed borders and, at that time, the borders were still closed. So we didn’t get to hike where and as long as we wanted to the first time we went out. Here are some pictures of that trip, though!

Must be a nice place for a nap, I guess!
She had just woken up haha

Hoping to get to do this a lot more! Stay well!