Hello, again, from Singapore!

Barney in the front lawn of our apartment building with Marina Bay Sands hotel in the background

Whoa!  It feels like a long time since I last wrote!  A lot has happened.  I told you we moved from South Africa to Singapore and that was pretty much it so far…
Well, here is what’s been going on:  First, our dog had to go through 30 days of quarantine when we got here.  I went and visited him every day.  Our cat made it to the US to live with my parents, but sadly, as most of you know, we lost that sweet soul a few days before Christmas.  He had been ill and his little body just couldn’t take it anymore.  We still miss him so dearly.

We also spent 2 and a half months trying to find our permanent apartment here in Singapore.  We learned from our house hunt in South Africa not to settle, get something we like.  We are on the 48th floor of a high rise in a  tiny apartment that we absolutely LOVE!  We haven’t been in an apartment since we first moved in together, which feels like a million years ago.  We had to downsize a lot, but we actually feel a lot better living in a small home with less things than a big house with several things.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s challenging to have one bathroom, a small closet to share, tiny kitchen…but it’s cozy and it’s home.  We are in the Marina Bay area which is AWESOME!  We have a view of the sea and can see the cruise ship terminal and Indonesia in the background.  Here is a picture:

Also in this area are several tourist attractions like Marina Bay Sands, the Merlion statue, the Art and Science Museum, Lau Pa Sat hawker center (Asian food stands) and several other things.  My uncle, Kevin and I have always had this thing where we like to photobomb other peoples’ photos – like, right when you get off a ski lift and all the families are trying to take pictures…we just ski slowly behind them and smile!  Haha!  He told me when he was living in London he used to go down to Big Ben and get in all the tourists’ photos.  Well that is EXACTLY what I do here!  I am probably already in dozens of peoples’ pictures with the Merlion Statue, it’s too easy.

Me and Jamie at the Merlion Statue

We went to the US for Christmas, of course and had a great time with family.  Always a whirlwind, but good to do.

Jamie’s dad, Kent and step-mom, Janet are coming to visit us in 2 days!!  We are keeping most of the itinerary of the trip a secret from them, haha!  They haven’t been to Asia so we want to see their fresh reactions to things.  They get here Saturday morning and we have a pretty leisurely day planned for them, including a dinner on top of Marina Bay Sands (they know this part, OK).  The view from up there is spectacular – we will take pictures.  Then we are off to Thailand Monday!!  (They know that part, too, but that’s all they know).

So far, we have met some really great people and friends that are making the time here very enjoyable.  I have found that Singapore is a hard place to NOT have a good time.  I love it here.  There is always a cool restaurant or bar to go to, people to meet up with, new things to see.  I have been making dinner reservations for Jamie and I at a new place every weekend, just so we break out of our shell a little.  I have joined a bootcamp that meets in the Singapore Botanical Gardens 3 times a week.  What a beautiful place.  And to have morning workouts there is something to be grateful for and not take for granted.  It has rained nearly every morning this week, so this week I wasn’t so fortunate.  However, a quick run around Marina Bay or through the Gardens by the Bay is just outside our front door!

From left to right: Marina Bay Sands hotel, the Singapore Flyer, Gardens by the Bay

The Singapore Flyer, Gardens by the Bay

Well, I guess that is really all that has happened in the last couple of months.  Stayed tuned for the Thailand blog in a couple of weeks!