Healthy Living!

Let me start this section by saying I love food and I hate to work out.  With that said,  I understand that working out is necessary, especially after 30, and some foods are the devil.  Nothing has opened my eyes to how I eat more that moving overseas…correction:  when I moved away from the U.S.  I’m not America bashing, before someone comments!  I LOVE THE UNITED STATES AND KNOW IT IS THE GREATEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD!   Jamie and I went home at Christmas and went all out – Mexican food first night, hibachi grill place the second night, Shipley’s Donuts…we felt TERRIBLE just after the first 2 days!!  We came in too hot.  Not to mention we each gained like 4-5 pounds being there 3 weeks!  We Americans need to get our eating habits under control, and fast.

I didn’t realize how terrible we ate until we came here and those foods and restaurants weren’t available to us anymore.  Don’t get me wrong, South Africa has pretty westernized grocery stores with all kinds of processed foods, but I don’t know anything about them so I don’t buy them.  They do have Oreos, though….but I justify not buying them because they aren’t Double Stuft.  See!  This is the kind of stuff I am talking about!  American food has warped our minds into thinking that way!  mmm…Double Stuft Oreos…

My trainer, Matt, said I need to start an essentially low carb diet and to eat a lot of lean protein.  So it’s chicken and fish, chicken and fish, all the time with some veggie from a pre-approved list he sent me.  I really like to cook so I am trying to be creative with what I cook, while keeping it healthy.  So no Oreos…

Woolworth’s grocery store here is the only one I frequent for a couple of reasons:  A)  they tell you on the packages how and where their food is sourced, 2) most of their products are packaged only for Woolworths, and C) they don’t sell a lot of processed foods, so that temptation isn’t there when I shop.  Also, there isn’t Mexican food at every corner as in Texas, so we don’t eat so terribly when we go out.  We also don’t drink that much.  Guys – if you really want to lose weight, cut out the booze.  If we go out with friends and drink, it’s usually a very special occasion.  But, sometimes you just need that girls’ or guys’ night out, so I get it!  Do it!

Jamie and I are getting married in May, and as I am writing this blog we are nearly 2 months out!  It’s crunch time!  We are doing “two-a-day” workouts, eating healthy, cutting out sugar, you name it.  Usually I am pretty lazy about that stuff, but I can’t afford to be lazy now.  In the mornings we work out with our trainer,  and in the evenings we go run for an hour.  My family and I frequently do running challenges on the Nike Plus app, and we have started one for this month I titled ‘Mickey Mouse “March”‘…get it??  Every contestant chips in $20 and the prize is, of course, a Disney gift card!  We went running for 30 minutes the other day, but I told Jamie if I am going to remain relevant in this competition, it has to be an hour.  Neither of us have really ran in a while, but the first day of the competition, Jamie ran an entire 5K without stopping!  I told him I was so proud of him and his response was “I’m running for Disney Dollars!  I want to win!”  Haha!  My gosh, I love him!  That inspired me to run 4.5 miles yesterday, nearly straight!  I only walked for 2 minutes!  I can’t tell you the last time I have done that.  However, because I did that, I had to text Matt this morning and let him know I hurt all over and couldn’t come in for our workout.  I couldn’t move.  I took a hot bath early this morning, and now feel pretty OK.  I am going for another hour’s run tonight and then to the gym again in the morning!  I would tell you what we are doing this weekend, but since my family is reading this and are competing against us for Disney Dollars, I’ll just let them be surprised!  Haha!  I’ll post again AFTER the weekend to let the rest of you know how our weekend went!

Keep checking back for new stuff here!  And get outside and workout!