Hangin’ at Home!

Well we are ending the first week of our at home quarantine. Last week several people we know or know of were confirmed to have COVID-19. Some of them hit a little too close to home, so we decided then to stay home. Since then, what feels like months ago, but it’s barely been 10 days, more people in our “daily routine” or people we know of have contracted it, Switzerland has shut down non-essential stores, borders are closed, you have to queue to go into the “essential stores” (market, pharmacy, etc). Jamie has been working from home for a week now. At first they told him 2 weeks, but it’s looking like it may be longer.

Jamie using the guest room as an office. Barney managing his productivity haha!

A couple of days before things got a little dicey I bought some freezer food, baby essentials and stuff like that. People cleaned out the paper products and cleaner shelves here, like they did in the US, but seems things are somewhat easily restocked. I haven’t been to the market since 8 am Monday morning. That afternoon Switzerland shut everything down. However, we can still get delivery things. An app similar to Uber Eats, called Smood, will deliver groceries, so we did that yesterday. That’s the only one that has a decent delivery day. I think I ordered it Tuesday and we got it last night (Thursday). The other grocery store that is delivering their own merchandise is about a 10 days lag. Crazy.

Paper towel and toilet paper aisle at our neighborhood market last week.

Some people don’t realize, but in most of Europe, you can usually cross borders easily without showing your passport. Our house is right on the border of Switzerland and France, so I frequently go into France to go grocery shopping. Little bit cheaper, more of a selection especially with baby products. But I obviously haven’t gone in a while. And the easy border crossings aren’t a thing at the moment. Might not be for quite some time.

Luckily, the weather has been really nice all week. We have gone on walks in the neighborhood. Lots of people out, though. Makes me a little nervous, especially with the baby. When I say “lots”, it really isn’t that many. We live in a small village, so when I go on walks, I might see about 8-10 people. Everyone is keeping their distance, but still saying “bonjour!” Pleasant, just a bit awkward.

Today I am starting to get bored. Our daughter plays well by herself, so as I am sitting on the couch typing this, she is on the floor playing with a book. But we still have 4 hours until her bedtime. Haha! I think she’ll tire of that book in a little while and be on the move. 🙂

Well I was right. Just took a little break to chase the baby and get her a snack! Haha!

Overall we are doing well, actually having some nice family time. Since Jamie has been home, he was here to see the baby crawl for the first time and helping her work on walking! Exciting! We’ve had to get on a more fixed schedule with her, too. We had somewhat of a schedule before, but at the same time as we are trying to get her to eat more solid food, all of this happened. It’s better for our sanity to have a schedule so we don’t lapse into severe boredom.

Sticking to our schedule! 9 am breakfast of yogurt, raspberries and banana. Barney is loving this phase, as you can see haha!

Well, I hope everyone is doing well and taking this seriously! We are meant to go to the US Easter weekend, but that is looking less and less likely as the days go on. We will make a last minute judgment on that.

Everyone stay well and at home!