Victoria Falls

When Jamie’s parents were here in September we went to Livingstone, Zambia to see Victoria Falls.  What we didn’t know was that we were in the dry season so there was LITERALLY no water flowing!  None.  **Tip:  If you come to Africa between June and October-ish, you will be in the dry season.  Come in the rainy season, our summer/fall which is November – March-ish.  See my travel tips about this, here’s the link:  Rainy versus Dry Seasons

But, if we hadn’t gone then, we wouldn’t have been able to white water raft, which was SO FUN!  If you go during the rainy season the Zambezi is too violent and you can’t raft.  Here is my blog about that:  White Water Rafting the Zambezi

IMG_2951Here is a picture of The Falls.  See how dry it is??  Water should be gushing over that gorge!  In the pictures, I am on the Zambian side of The Falls looking at the Zimbabwean side.  The Zambezi river is the border of the 2 countries.  At the entrance to the falls there is an immigration office that stamps your passport to go between the sides of The Falls, so bring your passport.

**Tip #2:  The best viewing is from the Zimbabwe side of The Falls!

When you arrive at either the Zambian airport or the Zimbabwean airport, you will be given a visa for both countries to come and go between the two only for a certain amount of time.  Right now, for Americans and Europeans it’s $50 USD for the visa, but that is always subject to change, so bring cash.  You can’t get the visa, leave for another country, then come back in with the same visa. That will cost you another $50!

So we came and we saw this time, but Jamie and I are definitely planning a trip back to see them in all their glory during the rainy season.  It’s only a 2 hour flight from Joburg, so would be good for a weekend.