Cape Town

I labeled this post simply “Cape Town” because this is a place we will plan to go often.  It’s only a 2 hour flight from Joburg and not expensive.  It’s a good weekend getaway.  Speaking of, South Africa is probably bigger than you think it is, at least that’s what I thought before I moved here.  IMG_2248If you were to drive from Joburg to Cape Town, it’s like 20 hours!  Sooo…fly.  And South African Airways is part of the Star Alliance, so rack up those points, too!

Anyway, trailed off there…my blog about our first trip to Cape Town had a lot of “first-timer” info so check that out.  Here is the link:

I will have SEVERAL more posts about Cape Town.  My mom and my aunt are coming next month and we are doing a wine tour and hiking Table Mountain, then in October, our friends here are getting married there!  So that will be lovely!