We got married!

IMG_4892The last couple of months since I last wrote have been pretty busy:  finished up planning our wedding, flew to the U.S. for the wedding, then went to Disney World for a few days (our home away from home)!  The week we were home for the wedding was such a whirlwind!

We had what seemed like a perfect flight over:  flew from Joburg to London, had a couple hour layover there, then from London to Houston…or so we thought.  The flight from London to Houston was so empty that everyone in economy had their own row, so everyone was laid out like a big slumber party!  It was wonderful…until we smelled an electrical fire on the plane and were rerouted to Nashville.  We were only an hour away from Houston!!  I’m sure Nashville is a wonderful place, but they were not prepared for a 767 from London to land at their airport.  Their customs agents didn’t know how to process foreign passports…I know what you’re thinking because it was the same thing we thought “the very definition of their job is to process passports”.  Well, to be fair, Nashville only handled American passports on a regular basis, coming back from Mexico or something (which was the flight behind us…their only scheduled international flight of the day).  They fixed the plane somewhat quickly.  Turns out it was a broken air con that burnt out.  No big deal, so we were able to get back on the plane…or so we thought.  Because there were people who would have had connections in Houston, they let them go ahead through customs to see if they could get the same connections in Nashville.  Since some people went through customs there, they made all of us go through customs in Nashville rather than waiting until we got to Houston.  They took so long to process the passports, by the time we got through customs, which was about 2 hours for only 106 people on the plane, the crew had timed out.  We were supposed to land in Houston at 2 pm, and we didn’t put head to pillow that night until 1 am.  It was a nightmare, but at least we didn’t miss more than an evening with family.

Mother's Day BrunchWe did plan for some quality family time while we were home, even if it was only a day or two, and I am so glad we did that.  The next day after we arrived was Mother’s Day.  Jamie’s mom and stepdad came in to Houston to spend time with him and my mom and dad went to the house my mom has in Galveston.  I drove to meet them the next morning and we went and ate at the Hotel Galvez for their Mother’s Day Brunch!  It was stunning!  That hotel is over 100 years old survived the hurricane called The Great Storm in 1900 and has been restored to it’s original form.  The brunch was so glutinous, but we loved it!  Mother's Day 3Then that afternoon Mom and I got to work on last minute wedding stuff!  That was a great day being able to spend it with my parents.  Jamie and his parents spent the whole day together, as well, having breakfast and lunch together, and shopping for stuff to wear for the wedding weekend.

After spending the week finishing up last minute wedding details, I went back to the beach to hang out with all my family (except my bro-in-law, but we FaceTimed him!).  That was a really great day.  We hadn’t hung out like that in ages.  We love Galveston and have our whole lives.  That salty, spicy smell of the air and the dirty water runs in our veins.  We had such a lovely day together.

IMG_4883Jamie’s friends came in town a day early and took him on a Pedal Party in Houston for his bachelor party!  A Pedal Party is kind of like a beach surrey where everyone pedals the thing around town.  You can have a few drinks on there and stop at your favorite bars and restaurants along the way.  They seemed to have a good time.

IMG_0112After all that, the wedding weekend was finally here!  We loaded up our cars and drove to Hotel Zaza in Houston to get checked in for the weekend festivities!  Mom, Debbie (Jamie’s mom), and I had massages lined up and Holly and Katie (my sisters) had nail appointments.  It was a great way to start the weekend.


Rehearsal Dinner at The Grove

Then it was time for the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.  Everything went splendidly and the dinner was fab!  We had it at The Grove restaurant on Discovery Green park.  We picked a pre-fixed menu for everyone and the staff did a really good job of executing everything with no stress.


Bridal Luncheon at Hotel Zaza

On the day of the wedding, my aunt Sherry, and my cousins, Lynsey and Jennifer, set up a bridal luncheon for me in the hotel which was so lovely!!  My closest girlfriends and family were there which was very special.


Afterwards we went up to my room and had our hair and makeup done!  It was so nice and relaxing to spend the day like that – not having to leave the hotel for anything, everyone was just hanging out.  I would recommend having hair and makeup artists come to you on your wedding day, just saying.  It made my life so much easier and I wasn’t stressed at all.


Jamie, the men in the family and his friends went to Dave and Busters for the afternoon to have some time to unwind before the wedding.  We kept getting pictures and videos of the games they were playing, so it seemed like they had a good time!

Then, after a year of planning, I was in my wedding dress and it was time to do it!  We had our wedding at the Houston Museum of Natural Science – the ceremony was in the Butterfly Lobby and the reception was in the Paleontology Exhibit.  It turned out even cooler than we imagined!  Everything was done exactly like we asked and everyone told us what a great time they had.

Jamie and I are so blessed and grateful for the friends and family we have that helped us get this together and celebrated with us.  We love you all and thank you!

The next day, Jamie and I went off to Disney World!  We are BIG Disney people, so we needed to get our dose of Mickey Mouse for the year before heading back to Africa.  We got newlywed buttons to wear and, of course, I got us matching shirts (duh!).  We took it slow and did everything we wanted!  Very relaxing.  Next stop is our actual honeymoon in Mozambique in a few weeks!  Stay tuned for that post!

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    It was so good to see you both and the wedding was absolutely beautiful! What an exciting chapter in your life and in your blog.

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