Time for me to leave…

I have never been so happy to be sitting in an airport diner.  I am not necessarily happy to be leaving South Africa – we have made some life-long friends here that I will miss dearly.
I am happy to get to Singapore, see my husband whom I haven’t seen in 2 weeks, and start our new adventure together.  Jamie is home to me and I haven’t been “home” in 2 weeks.  It has been really tough, but I managed.  I got here so early today.  I mean, what else was I to do?  I don’t have a house to hang out in, had to return my rental car anyway.  As I was waiting on my landlord to pop by to get the keys, 13422386_10209334475224352_2940025364371110488_oI heard a bird I know to be a beauty in the tree in my yard, but didn’t get a glimpse of him today.  It was a green wood hoopoe.  Looks like this picture here (taken several months ago).  I have enjoyed becoming a “birder”, as nerdy as that is, I don’t care.  Never really cared about being a nerd, it’s who I am!  Haha!  Hopefully Asia has some stunners!  I am sure they do.  I packed my good camera in my carry-on just in case.  I will miss the birds of Africa.  I will miss Africa.  I said before, it’s weird to think I don’t live here anymore.  Just feels like I am traveling.

To those friends, you know who you are, who have made such an impression on me and Jamie, we will miss you more than words can say.  Those awkward stares we had when we had to say goodbye were hard for me, hard to hold the tears back.  But I know we will keep in touch – it’s a must.  Thanks for opening your homes, your lives and your love to us while we were living here.  It really made Africa feel like home to us, and always will.

A dear friend sent me the following poem and told me this is how she feels about Africa.  She’s African, so she’s a bit more legit than I, but I feel the same way.  This poem really puts into words how living here has affected us, positively.

My Africa is the warm sunshine that burns inside me.

The land where roots take hold and don’t let go, as solid as the baobab tree.

The place where I breathe in every emotion of human existence.

The highs and the lows, the chaos and the calm, the rage and the joy, the hate and the love.

My Africa is the heartbeat of my soul that whispers to me over the ocean and


Au revoir avec amour…

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