The Biggest Starbucks in the World!!

In December, Starbucks opened their largest shop in the world in Shanghai, totaling over 33,000 square feet and calling themselves the “Starbucks Reserve Roastery”.  There is only one other one, in Seattle, naturally, but they have plans to build 4 more, according to their website:  Milan, Tokyo, NYC and Chicago.  In addition to the regular Starbucks we all know and love, they have smaller shops called “Starbucks Reserve” that sell their “Reserve” brand, and they are all over, so check out their website to find the one near you.

OK, I know you’re probably thinking “it’s just a Starbucks, Robin, there are millions of them!”  Yes, that is true, but this thing was something else.  It was HUGE!  It had a roastery inside (why is my computer telling me “roastery” is not a word?)…anyway, had 2 levels:  bottom had a large area for merchandise, the massive roasting area, craft beer, coffee bar and one of the biggest bakeries I have ever seen.  The top was tea, craft cocktails and more baked goods.

I sat at the coffee bar and ordered lunch and an iced latte and watched the baristas make all the coffee!  It was a Monday and that place was packed.  I couldn’t imagine going there on a weekend.  I know you fancy coffee people are making fun of my iced latte.  Look, I know it’s just a milkshake, but it tastes delicious and I love them.

I read an article about it before I went and it was saying how people in China are really, really getting into Starbucks which is helping Starbucks put it’s stamp on China – on Asia, honestly.  Here in Singapore there is literally a Starbucks on every corner and on every corner they are always busy.  Jamie walks underground about 1 km (0.6 mi) from our apartment to work and he passes 2 of them.

My friend asked me just last night “how do you hear about stuff like this?!” because I am always coming up with weird things I “hear” about.  Honesty, I read a lot of Buzzfeed, online news…I saw something the other day I thought was funny that pretty much sums me up:

I am online at all times of the day.  I have transcended even needing a device to be online.  It is just my natural state of being.  I have missed no posts.

Haha that might seem weird, but it is, without a doubt, the truth.  I am full of information about pop culture and current events, interesting or not.  🙂  But!  I read about this giant Starbucks in the Washington Post (and probably Buzzfeed, too) and it made for a great afternoon and a lovely coffee. 🙂  Here’s more pictures:

  • Tea area upstairs
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