My mom and aunt came to South Africa!


This past week my mom and aunt came to visit us!  It was a long trip for them, but a little business class upgrade and 30 hours later they were here!


The first few days we stayed in Joburg to help get them acclimated to the time change.  Mom even got up Saturday morning and did a Parkrun with me!  The weather was beautiful and she got to log a run in South Africa!


After the run, we took them to a little breakfast cafe then downtown to see Neighborgoods Market.  Neighborhoods Market is a spot tucked away in an alley warehouse in downtown Joburg that has tons of local vendors.  It really is super cool!  There are food vendors, merchandise vendors, a bar and live music!  It is a great place to take our family when they visit to see the Joburg culture.  We also took Jamie’s family here when they came last September.

It’s crowded!


Mom got some cupcakes in jars, Sherry got some coconut water something in a coconut, which was hilarious, we got some churros and some souvenirs for the family back home.

That night we went to eat at a really nice steakhouse, filled our bellies, then went to sleep early!  We got up the next morning to head to Kruger National Park then from there we went to Cape Town!  The time seemed to go by so quickly, but we had a great time!  It is always nice to have family come and see where we live and how our day to day is.  Sometimes it’s hard to grasp that on a video chat.


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