First Trip to Cape Town…

OK, I am not hating on Johannesburg, but most people here can tell you…Cape Town is amazing!  Definitely one of the best cities in the world, in my opinion (and probably lots of other peoples’, too).


Victoria and Alfred Waterfront….and Jamie. 🙂 And that is Table Mountain in the background! I didn’t think I got a decent shot of it. You’re welcome.

Cape Town was one of the first outings we did when we came to South Africa and we did the “touristy” stuff, just to get it out of the way.  We went in June 2015 and, being in the Southern Hemisphere, it was winter. Winter in Cape Town is not the best – it’s cold, windy, rainy.  So if you plan a trip here, come in October through March.  Anyway – we still did it because we HAD to!  We stayed in a boutique hotel on the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront.  The Waterfront is a small-ish, walkable boardwalk with a marina, shops, hotels, restaurants, and a mall (of course, because this is South Africa and everything is in a mall).  It’s pretty touristy, which for this trip it was OK because that’s what we were!  You can also take a ferry out to Robben Island which we have heard is worth the tour. This is where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned during Apartheid and is now a museum.  We didn’t get a chance to visit it on this trip, but it is definitely on the list for another trip.

A Cape Seal just popped up to say hello!

A Cape Seal just popped up to say hello!

While walking around the boardwalk area, 2 Cape Seals just popped up out of no where!  I absolutely love it when I see animals in their natural environment just being themselves!  A definite plus of being in Africa, no doubt!

We also hired a driver to drive us along a scenic route to see all the other tourist hot spots – Cape of Good Hope, Simons Town (penguins!), Houts Bay, Camps Bay, etc.  She drove us on this winding, cliffside highway that might have been the most terrifying drive of my life (and my mom used to hold that title, sorry, Mom).  But this girl had lived there her whole life, knew everything about Cape Town, spoke 3-4 languages, and was great!  Side note: If you want to do all the tourist hot spots in a day, I would definitely recommend hiring a driver/tour guide and not driving yourself.  Uber is in Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg, so just use that anywhere that a tour guide doesn’t pick you up.  It’s worth it…South African traffic laws are, how shall I say…sketchy.

Check out my picture gallery for images of all the stops we made.  It was just a quick weekend trip so we didn’t get to do all Cape Town has to offer then.  We have been back as “locals” and are going back in a month or so to the vineyards!  Yes, the vineyards!  Stellenbosch is a vineyard 45 minutes from Cape Town and is a must-do so stay tuned for that update!

There are tons of things to do in Cape Town, which I will definitely post about as I do them.  But you can hike up Table Mountain or Lions Head (doing that in March, stay tuned), there’s tons of bars and restaurants to check out, swim, if you’re so inclined (it’s cold, guys), vineyards, etc.  I’m sorry I don’t have a picture of Table Mountain.  When we went it was rainy and foggy.  When the weather is like that the fog sits so low on the mountain, the locals call it “the tablecloth”.  IMG_2376Here is a picture of me with what is supposed to be a great shot of Table Mountain behind me, but alas…now that I look at the picture again, you can’t see a lick of it!  I’ll get one when I go next month, I promise!


One critter you need to watch out for are baboons.  And not just in Cape Town.  Literally anywhere in Africa.  You leave your doors and windows unlocked and they’ll come in and clean out your refrigerator.  Not kidding.  We live in the city so they aren’t in our neighborhood, but just a few miles out…loads of them.  They were everywhere in Cape Town.  Don’t try to mess with them, just let them do their annoying thing.  Although, they are quite hilarious.  I saw one steal a Diet Coke bottle right out of a lady’s hand and take off running!! LOL!  And below there is a picture of one sitting on someone’s car at the Cape of Good Hope.  Take a look at the “dos and don’ts” of what do do in a baboon encounter.  🙂

  • Harborhouse Restaurant
  • Harborhouse Restaurant
  • Lion’s Head


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