Finally made it to Singapore!

img_5971After all the stress and hassle of packing and moving from South Africa, I finally made it to Singapore to be with Jamie!  I’ve been here for about 5 days.  Jamie had to leave 2 days after I got here to travel for work for a week!  He’ll be back in a few days.  So far, I joined the AWA, the American Women’s Association, and went with their “walking group” to both a happy hour and a walking tour around the island.  I have also met up with some other Houston girls and had dinner last night.  So far, Singapore has been so much better for being social.  I don’t think you could be too bored here.  They have everything you could possibly want – food, fashion, bars, etc.  Right now I have just been wandering to see what is here and trying to get my bearings.  Here are some pictures I have taken on my walks.


This is the picture the quarantine agent sent me today after he arrived! 🙂

I am going to look for permanent apartments on Friday with an agent, so hopefully we find something we like.  I really like the neighborhood we are in now.  It’s really green and walkable, lots of cafes and shops.  Singapore is really green and jungle-like.  Lots of trees.  There are parts of the city with more concrete and less green, but for the most part it’s pretty green.  Should be good on the walks we will take Barney on!  Speaking of, he got here a few hours ago!!  He has to stay in quarantine for 30 days, however, I am going to visit him tomorrow and going to see what we can do to bust him out early!

I will keep updating you as we do stuff!  When Jamie comes back this weekend we will explore some more together.  We have already bought tickets to see Wicked at at theater in Marina Bay Sands which is a huge resort and casino here.  Here is a picture:

Picture of Marina Bay Sands taken from a happy hour I went to with the AWA

Picture of Marina Bay Sands taken from a happy hour I went to with the AWA

Keep checking back!  I’ll post way more!!


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