Bangkok, Thailand

If there is one picture that sums up Bangkok, it is this one:

About a week or so ago we went to Bangkok for the weekend to see some friends who moved there!  It’s only about an hour and 45 minute flight from Singapore, so made for a good weekend getaway.  We did the trip more like locals, so I don’t have any tourist attractions to report this time.  But we still had a crazy and fun time!

We stayed at a really nice, boutique hotel on the river called The Siam Hotel.  It was 1930’s art deco style and the owner was an antique collector, as there were antiques literally everywhere.  It was beautiful.  The room was so nice and relaxing and the spa in the hotel was one of a kind.  We definitely took advantage of that!

The first night we sat on the deck at our hotel by the river before dinner.  It was a great spot to just sit and watch the boats go by.  Breakfast was served in the same spot the next 2 mornings.  Really lovely.

View of the hotel from the deck.

Bangkok is known for their food.  In “The World’s 50 Best Restaurants”, there is a subcategory of “Asia’s 50 Best”.  Bangkok has 2 in the top 5: the #1 restaurant, “Gaggan” and the #5 restaurant, “Nahm”.  We weren’t able to get a reservation to Gaggan, but Jamie and I did go to Nahm.  It was Thai food and the food was really good and well presented.  The restaurant was in a hotel, which isn’t abnormal, but it felt like a hotel restaurant – like…it felt like in the morning the restaurant would be converted to a breakfast buffet for all the guests.  So, with that said, the restaurant was great, but I am kind of surprised it was the #5 in Asia, overall.

The next night we went out and met our friends, first at a rooftop bar with 360 views of Bangkok.  It was on top of one of the Marriott hotels.  Sorry, I forgot to get photos, but you can see some of it in the reflection of my friend, Jen’s sunglasses, haha!

Then we went to a restaurant called El Gaucho our friends recommended that was excellent!  It was an Argentinian steakhouse and one of the most extravagant meals we’ve ever eaten!  Haha!  We ordered everything on the menu, I think.  Fabulous, nonetheless.

After dinner we went out on the streets of Bangkok!  Well, a definitely mild version of Bangkok anyway, haha!  This place has some weird nooks and crannies, that is for sure!  The first place we went was a cool, little Cuban bar in the middle of Bangkok.  You had to go into this old phone booth and enter a code that unlocked the door to the bar.  Inside there was a live band playing Cuban music, dancing and it was all decorated as if you were on the streets of Cuba.  Really cool.

Then we all climbed into a Tuk-Tuk and went to the next place!  Haha, what is a Tuk-Tuk, you ask?  Well, it’s kind of like a pedi-cab, but motorized.  If you don’t know what a pedi-cab is, you’re going to have to do some Googling.  It was the craziest ride through the streets!  Haha, how we all fit, I am not sure, but we were laughing the whole way!

Then we ended night listening to more live music at an outside bar.  We just drove by it on the Tuk-Tuk, heard it, and stopped.  It was a great place to chill for the rest of the night.  I think the place was called Zanzibar…


All in all, wonderful, crazy weekend trip to Bangkok!  Loved seeing our friends, loved all the food and loved the break from Singapore.  Next stop, Hong Kong!