Bangkok, Thailand – Round 2! All about the food!

Michael & Taylor, AJ & Emily, Jamie & me

We made a weekend trip to Bangkok this weekend with some friends and had a BLAST!  The highlight of the trip was getting a reservation at Gaggan – the #1 restaurant in Asia!  If you watch “Chef’s Table” on Netflix, they profiled the chef, Gaggan Anand, in season 2.  I’ll explain it in detail in a bit, but first let me tell you about the weekend.

We found out last week that it was a holiday weekend in Thailand – a religious holiday weekend which meant there was an alcohol ban!  Now look, we aren’t alcoholics, but it’s Bangkok!  Bangkok has great food and great bars – now they are telling us there is no alcohol??  We did some research, made a few calls and it ended up working out.  The restaurant that 4 of us went to Friday night (which I won’t name so as not to get them in trouble, haha) served us alcohol in paper cups in an inconspicuous area of the restaurant.  Haha!  When I emailed the restaurant I got one email saying “no we cannot serve alcohol on this day” and a second email from the manager saying “please WhatsApp me” haha!  So I did, and he told me they would definitely serve us, but couldn’t say that in the “official email”.  Most places I spoke to said the same thing – “just twist our arm”, kind of thing.  The ban let up at midnight on Saturday, but we didn’t have much of an issue at all.  Come midnight/1 am we were all looking for the exits anyway!

Saturday we went to Chatuchak Weekend Market – the largest street market in the world, they say.  We wandered around there for a few hours, got some spices and other non-essentials.  Jamie and I split off and went back to the hotel for some great massages and I got a facial. 🙂

  • Taylor and Emily 🙂
  • It’s illegal to bring the image of Buddha out of Thailand

We stayed at the Marriott Sukhumvit, which was pretty centralized and nice.  Had a nice rooftop bar, as well.  Bangkok has heavy traffic all the time, it seems. Everywhere you go takes at least 20 minutes by cab.  This hotel was about as central as you can get, I think.  I would recommend if you go.

Saturday evening was the big dinner at Gaggan.  It was a 25 course, 3 hour meal!  Granted, each course was a bite or 2, but each one was super creative and interestingly prepared.  Each time they served a course, they would explain what it was, however a few times they would say “this one is a surprise”.  The menu was nothing but emojis, with no descriptions.

At the end of the meal they gave us the menu with descriptions, so it wasn’t until then we really knew what we were eating!  One of the surprise ones was…interesting…but it actually tasted good!  Below I have a photo gallery with each course and what it is, more or less, labeled underneath.  I’ll let you guess which interesting one I am talking about 😉

One of the courses were 3-4 flavors of mousse, I think, and you had to lick them off the plate!  They played Kiss’s “Lick it Up” during this course, too!  Haha!

Lick it up!!

Also, for 5 of the courses, they were each served on a uniquely shaped piece of stone which eventually made a puzzle.  The puzzle ended up being India (Gaggan’s home country, and it was an Indian restaurant) and each dish was served on the piece that represented that region of India.  Here is the finished puzzle so you can understand better:

All in all a VERY fun and interesting dinner!  Definitely go if you get to Bangkok – but book in advance!

Here is the gallery.  I have labeled what each dish was according to the menu (and I’m missing one – it was a goat cheese tart thing, “Cheese Ghewar”).  Some are exactly what you think they are and some are not, and they are all made to look like something else… 🙂 Would you be nervous to try them all??  Haha!

  • White Peach
  • Yogurt Explosion
  • Foiegras and Mango
  • Eggplant Cookie
  • Idly Experience
  • Charcoal Samosa Channa
  • Chily Egg Nest
  • Mushroom Pav
  • White Asparagus Cloves
  • Som Tam
  • Puchka Brain Horseradish; goat brain is a delicacy in India 😉
  • Uni Green Apple
  • Chutoro Sushi Tribute
  • Corn Quail Matcha
  • Prawn Balchao
  • Scallops Cold Curry
  • Momo Vindaloo
  • Lamb Chop Green Chilly
  • Cutlass Fish Paturi
  • Death Star Porcini Finale (they played the Star Wars theme song during this course)
  • Death Star Porcini Finale (they played the Star Wars theme song during this course)
  • Rose of Tonka Beans
  • Flower Power Lychee
  • Dark Side of the Moon
  • Yin & Yang Saffron & Pistachio

After dinner we went to a bar called “Mustache Bar” and hung out until midnight when they would serve alcohol.  It was a pretty quiet bar until then, but we had fun!

Emily, Taylor and me 🙂

Shortly after midnight a couple of us went back to the hotel and had a nightcap on the rooftop bar.

We had such a good time with our friends in Bangkok this weekend.  Already planning the next trip!!  Until next time!