Bali with Mom and Nancy


My mom and her best friend, Nancy, came to visit in November and we had a whirlwind style trip with them!  We showed them around Singapore and then jet off to Bali for a few days.  If any of you have seen in the news lately, there is a volcano there that is in the process of erupting, but we  missed the chaos of it by about a week!  Thank goodness!

First, we started in Singapore.  It rained for the first morning, but was fine every day after that.  We showed them Marina Bay (where we live), had lunch in Robertson Quay, showed them where Jamie’s office is, and other things around our neighborhood that morning.  In the afternoon, we rented scooters and were able to cover a lot of ground!  We zoomed through Gardens by the Bay, then went across the bay, rode to the National Stadium and sat and had snacks outside at a restaurant!  It was nice!

That night we took them to Sentosa Island and had Singapore Chili Crab and Black Pepper Crab – a must if you come to Singapore!  If you have ever traveled to the other side of the world, you know the jet lag catches you pretty quick.  This was a semi-early night, but we packed a lot into the day!

The second day Jamie had to work, so Mom, Nancy and I went and walked around the Botanic Gardens, went and did some souvenir shopping and had tea and scones!

Once Jamie met up with us for dinner, we spent the evening in and around Marina Bay Sands and Gardens by the Bay.  The Supertrees in The Gardens do a light show at night to music and this was one of the first nights of their Christmas Melody!  It was so cool to watch!

  • Ritz Carlton Bali
  • Ritz Carlton Bali

The next morning we got up early and went to Bali!  We first started at a place called Kayumanis in the Nusa Dua area.  It was the top hotel on TripAdvisor and the pictures and all that looked lovely, and the hotel itself was.  The villa we rented was nice, had its own pool, the staff were very nice and friendly and the food was excellent.  The biggest downside, which ended up being a deal breaker, was the beach access. They advertise themselves as “beachfront” when in actuality you had to walk almost 1 km to get to the beach down this narrow, cement walkway.  Then you get to the beach.  The Sofitel is on one side, very close and another hotel is on the other, very close.  The Kayumanis beach area is tiny, tiny, tiny, the view is of cargo ships, the water felt unclean, and there were peddlers asking us to buy every thing and anything.  With all that said, it wasn’t for us and we moved to another hotel more familiar – The Ritz Carlton.  I had been there before when I went to Bali alone in April and it is the exact opposite of everything I just said about Kayumanis.  The beach is superb, water is blue, hotel is divine.  Mom and Nancy flew 25+ hours to go to Bali and they needed to have a proper Balinese experience, simple as that.  We don’t regret a thing!  This trip was just a trip of relaxation and catching up.  We had a great, great time in Bali (at the Ritz, haha)!

We came back to Singapore and went to Universal Studios!  Haha – of course you know by now we love theme parks (Jamie and I are season pass holders here)!  We had the best day!  This might have been one of my more favorite days, truth be told.  It was all decorated for Christmas, Mom and Nancy were able to get some good souvenirs for their grandkids, and it was just a really fun time!  Until next time!